A Healthy Microbiome: Not Only Important but Essential

    You are more than just you that you see in the mirror. Supporting that beautiful exterior there is an entire unique ecosystem of microorganisms, working hard behind the scenes to make you…well..you!

    Micro what?

    Microbiome. It’s a complex community of bacteria, viruses, fungi and other microorganisms called microbes that live in and on you. Your body’s microbiome exists in all different parts of your body, including on your skin, through your digestive tract, and lots of other places, including your nose, mouth, and vagina!

    A long-term committed relationship.

    You’ve always had a microbiome, from the day you were born. But when you’re born your mom passes on some of HER microbiome to you. From that moment on, your microbiome grows and changes and adapts throughout your life. We more than simply co-exist with our microbiome – we depend on each other! We give our microbiome a home, and in turn it takes care of us. We are in a committed relationship.

    It’s an active and complex relationship.

    The microbiome is comprised of microbes (microscopic organisms or microbiota). And boy do these microbes do a lot! They can break down food, synthesize certain vitamins, ward off bacterial invasions and even stimulate the immune system! They can impact almost every part of your body, including your heart, gut, vagina and brain.

    You may not have known that bacteria can impact so much of your body. However, increasing evidence suggest that your microbiome impacts the communication between your gut and brain. This is often referred to as the gut-brain axis. While the most well known population of microbes are in our gut, we also have microbe communities throughout our body including the skin and vagina. Keeping these communities healthy and happy is important.

    • These microorganisms are alive and living in and on our body?
    • The ones in our gut may have a relationship with our brain? Our mind?
    • These little guys are active in our body and may have an impact on our health?


    Everyone deserves to be in a healthy loving relationship with their microbiome. It makes up so much of who we are. They deserve the love as much as we do. Building a strong foundation is no different than any other relationship. Respect, Trust and Support.

    Respect that we do not know everything about our partner. They are as unique as we are. Isn’t part of the fun about learning and growing together anyways?

    Trust that what we put in our body might affect them and in turn affect us. Ok, its about making choices and being considerate of the impact it has with our microbiome partner.

    Support each other and have each other’s back. Yes, that means supporting your microbiome and achieving goals together.

    “The greatest relationships are the ones you never expect to be in”


    Our body is home to both good and bad bacteria. In a healthy body, the good and bad microbes can coexist without issue. However if there is a disturbance in the balance of good and bad microbes (brought on by any number of factors like changes in diet or medication) then the normal interaction becomes disrupted.


    You can influence your microbiome through a number of ways like eating foods that naturally contain good bacteria or through taking probiotic supplements which contain live active bacteria. When choosing a probiotic supplement, it’s important to read the label to choose the right type of bacteria and amount (CFUs) for the desired benefit.


    If you’re committing to providing a home for this new good bacteria, make sure you know its first, middle and last name. Each bacteria has three names: (1) genus – first name (2) species – middle name and (3) strain – last name. You can find clinical support only when you know the specific type. Don’t bring home a stranger!


    At Bodi-Ome, we are obsessed with your microbiome and we want to be your trusted partner. Our innovations are backed by a commitment to safety & quality. In fact, we ensure the purity, freshness and labeled potency of all of our products.

    Explore our line of targeted probiotics. We provide clinically proven probiotic strains that contribute to your microbiome to unlock a world of targeted health benefits for the gut and beyond – be it immunity, vaginal health, stress and more.

    • Our lab experts test and retest to determine only the right probiotic strains-and in the precise amounts-to support the targeted health benefits.
    • Our innovations are backed by a commitment to safety & quality. In fact, we ensure the purity, freshness and labeled potency of all of our products.